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The Dedicated Home for Freelance Product Managers

Photo by Daniel Bosse on Unsplash

Are you a freelance Product person? Or interested in becoming one?

Join the club! We’re building a community of freelance Product people, because we know that growing is done best as a group activity!

Freelance Product Manager-Curious?

Looking for freelance Product people to help you out? Want to learn how and when freelance talent might be the best choice for you/your project/your organization?


  • Freelance Product Managers in: SMEs
    Are SMEs prone to attracting underachievers? And how can freelancers rectify this? In this mini-series, we’ll look at utilization of freelance product managers in different environments; when it makes sense, and — yes, also when it makes less sense. This week: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises!
  • The Employee-to-Freelancer Shift Is 10 Years Ahead of Schedule - What Does That Mean For Product Management?
    Remember that prediction that was thrown around in pre-COVID times – something along the lines of “there’s gonna be more freelancers than employees at some point in the future”?  To be honest, I also had to pull it up again - this was actually a study by Randstad US, published in 2016 (!).
  • Freelance Product Managers in: Startups
    I actually don’t have a snarky subline for this one. The startup lore on this is captivating. Photo by Lagos Techie on Unsplash In this mini-series, we’ll look at utilization of freelance product managers in different environments; when it makes sense, and — yes, also when it makes less sense. This week: Startups! Freelancing in  … Weiterlesen
  • Freelance Product Managers in: Enterprises
    In this mini-series, we’ll look at utilization of freelance product managers in different environments; when it makes sense, and — yes, also when it makes less sense.  This week: Enterprise-size companies (i.e. 1000+ employees). Freelancing in Enterprises — A Big Challenge Given that enterprise-size companies are large and powerful, but also slow and inert  … Weiterlesen
  • 5 Frameworks for Successful Freelance Product Management
    You know it. Source: imgflip.com Let’s jump right in — I guess this topic doesn’t require much of an introduction (hence the title image). As the scene’s pet topic, we’re looking at our top recommendations for successful freelancing in product management: 1. Working backwards Amazon approaches product management by “working backwards.” A  … Weiterlesen
  • WTF is…Interim Product Management?
    WTF is…Interim Product Management? Ah yes, another timeless Unsplash classic. Photo by Leon on Unsplash Let’s get the definition out of the way:  Interim Management is an established practice in which organizations contract a manager to temporarily take over management, mostly to keep course while a permanent replacement is being sought; this can  … Weiterlesen
  • A Cost-Conscious Case For Hiring Freelance Product Managers
    Freelancers are too expensive! I hear this one quite frequently. Actually, most freelancers probably do. Properly unpacking this entire statement might as well end up in an academic thesis, but since we’re all busy, I’ll focus on one key aspect of its meaning: “I’d rather hire an employee because it’s cheaper and provides more long-term value.”
  • Why it’s Not Impossible to Be a Freelance Product Manager. And Why it Should Be Easier.
    I didn’t spend more time surfing since I became a freelancer — but drumming. (Photo of me, by Strangeworks Visuals) In 2016, Maxime Braud (who went on to co-found the product strategy and design collective Mozza) published a piece on Medium titled Why It’s Impossible To Be A Freelance Product Manager. And How I Did It. Sometime  … Weiterlesen
  • Need a Product Management Freelancer? Here’s how to find the best!
    This guy looks like he just booked an amazing freelance product manager, you just know. Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash Disclaimer: This is not an ad for our services. Really thought we’d be that blunt? Think again! 😉 So you’re (kinda) convinced that you need a freelance product manager? You might’ve read one of  … Weiterlesen
  • WTF is…Product Consulting?
    Hint: it’s a little more than putting up post-its. Don’t believe us? Read on! Photo by airfocus on Unsplash Alright, let’s get right to it:  As a consultant, you support someone or a group of people in achieving something or improving their skills, and of course this can also be applied to product management.  Notoriously, typical  … Weiterlesen
  • Scoring Your First Client as a Freelance Product Manager
    Because nothing says “success” like a corny stock photo. Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash If you came to find a magic recipe here — sorry, you won’t find that here…because that doesn’t exist. You might’ve heard that the first client is the hardest to close — and there’s some truth to that: somewhat understandably, some clients are  … Weiterlesen
  • What Product Managers Can Learn From the COVID-19 Crisis
    This would also be a great name for a Trap playlist on Spotify, actually. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash Did you come here because the title of this article struck you as odd, or maybe even slightly offended you?  If yes, than you fell right into my trap, hah! (Also, Disclaimer time: I’m truly sorry  … Weiterlesen
  • How Freelance Product Managers Help You Scale Your Product Organization
    “So, you’re gonna be working with our 4 offices spread accross all time zones and your development team is located in Polynesia, but ya, you gotta come in to the office from 9–5 everyday.” Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash As the tech industry and its projects become increasingly fast-paced, the need for “scalable” talent  … Weiterlesen
  • Entrepreneur or unemployed? Dealing with Impostor Syndrome as a Freelancer
    What makes anyone a “product owner”? What makes anyone a ”product manager” or a “product consultant”?  As an employee, your employment agreement usually comes with a title. Soon enough, it becomes part of your identity. And — since it’s assigned to you, it’s  external validation.  As a freelancer however, you (need to) give yourself your own title — and especially  … Weiterlesen
  • How Freelancing Brought Me in Touch With My Inner Salesperson
    Me whenever I see yet another “What a Product Manager does/should do/should not do”article on Medium. Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash As a Product Manager, a vital part of your skill set should be your ability to get in the ring with the Sales folk — Sales Managers, Account Managers, Client Solutions people. Don’t worry — this isn’t another one  … Weiterlesen
  • Diving Into Freelancing vs. Starting On The Side
    Getting into freelancing as a Product Manager usually doesn’t just happen ‘en passant’ — in our space, it usually follows some elaborate evaluation of your professional (and/or personal) life’s priorities and at least some upfront groundwork. Accordingly, there’s a spectrum of options to realize this foray, with the extremes being playing it safe with a side hustle and taking the plunge going all-in, as well as some middle ground in there.

About Us

We’re a small collective of freelance product people & are passionate about sharing knowledge and creating content.

Photo Credit: Bertrand Rothen

Bertrand Rothen

  • Based in Hamburg, Germany
  • Working in Product since 2014
  • Freelance since 2019
  • Clients:
    • The KaDeWe Group GmbH
    • Race Scout GmbH/TLGG Consulting GmbH
    • XING GmbH & Co. KG
    • Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
    • Axel Springer SE
  • Previously worked at:
    • Facelift bbt GmbH
    • Smaato Inc.
    • Universal Music GmbH,…

Photo Credit: Levent Dietrich

Levent “Levi” Dietrich

  • Based in Lütjensee (close to Hamburg), Germany
  • Working in Product since 2017
  • Freelance since 2020
  • Clients:
    • OTTO GmbH & Co. KG
    • Durstexpress GmbH
    • Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
  • Previously worked at:
    • KPMG AG
    • CGI Deutschland Ltd. & Co. KG
    • Engel & Völkers AG, …
  • Get in touch: www.levidietrich.com

Photo Credit: Büşra Coşkuner

Büşra Coşkuner

  • Based in Zürich, Switzerland
  • Working in Product since 2011
  • Freelance since 2020
  • Clients:
    • Cleancell AG
    • iLocator GmbH
    • Various individual Product professionals (Coaching)
  • Previously worked at:
    • Doodle AG
    • Home24 SE
    • The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH
    • Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service GmbH,…